30 plus digital marketing modules
Digital marketing History

Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

01. A short Lecture on History & Evolution of Digital Marketing in the world ?

Like how does Digital Marketing came into the world along with the increasing popularity of Internet or we can say web 1.0 back in 1990s. And first click able banner Ad went live and after that how does Digital Marketing form into the shape it has taken today.

03. A short Lecture on What is Traditional Marketing ?

Like how does Traditional Marketing works . What are the downside of Traditional Marketing and How does Digital Marketing is gaining over those downsides and became so popular .But it doesn't mean we don't use Traditional Marketing anymore just the fact is that it has its own domain or field where it is still used.

Digital Marketing Basics

03. A detailed Lecture on What is Digital Marketing ?

what exactly is Digital Marketing . How does it is different from Traditional Marketing. Why should we use it. What's its purpose and How it will be beneficial for us ?

04. Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing ?

In this we will tell you about the gains and losses Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing had over each other and where we should use which type of marketing so that it will be beneficial for us .

05. Tools and Techniques we are going to use in Digital Marketing .

06. How Content (Text) plays an important role in Digital Marketing and right use of Multimedia Files (images, videos and audios) in Digital Marketing.

07. What are Keywords and Links and How to use them , where to use them and take benefit from them.

08. What are the different platforms available and how does Digital Marketing works on those platforms.

09. And last but not the least How does we target the right audience and generate traffic or generate lead for the business or the product .

content marketing
content is king

Content Writing & Marketing

01. What exactly is Content here ? The actual meaning .

02. Why we say " Content is the King “?

If you think Content is Just Written text in a specific way . You are wrong its more than that . Content is the valuable information that you create and gave to your audience in order to gain customers and traffic towards your product or business . You can say that its the very first step and most important step in the field of marketing because content is toward which you attract your audience . i.e. Its said " Content is the king “ .

03. What does content includes ?

04. What is the significance of keywords and graphics in the content?

05. How do you can create my own content and what do i required ?

06. What are the things you should keep in your mind or you should know! before or while creating your own content ?

07. Now You have your content ! What's next ?

so next step is the knowledge about your audience . For which you are creating the content . Well basically some of you may think that knowing about you audience should be the first step because the product or service you are providing is for specific type of audience . So even if you know your audience and your content is not powerful enough you wont get benefit but content is powerful enough you can attract much more audience that you initially planned for .

08. For example :

imagine you own a high class fancy restaurant with all the shiny lighting , decorations and you have the best chef in town . Who makes the delicious food and serves in a very beautiful manner . But even after dong that if your customers are not enjoying or loving it then no matter how many starts your restaurant have nothing would be able to gain you profit . But if your customers are loving your food then even if you sell your food in a food truck in some street . Then you are going to make profit even if you are asleep . Asleep doesn't actually mean you are sleeping its just a phrase to describe easily.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

01. What Is Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO ?

It’s the exercise of increasing both the best and amount of traffic, as well as exposure for your brand, via non-paid (also recognized as “organic") search engine results.

02. Why Do i need SEO ?

It's because in today digital world with all the advancing technology . What we prefer is to get the work done in easy and less time consuming and efficient way as possible. So what we do turn on our computers or mobile phones , launch the browsers and with the help of internet we search for the for the information we are looking for our work to get done . And while we sit and relax in our chair its the search engine behind your screen that do all the processing and present you all the available and best search results which you are looking for . And if owns the brand related to what users are looking for ! In that case don't you want your brand to appear in the search result of the user screen . And keeping in mind about the current state of technology and growth in our world . Just think how easy and good that would be for you and the user who hardly have do any work and still got all the information . Just think.

SEO types

03. What Are the _______ include in SEO ?

On page SEO , Off page SEO , Organic search results and paid search results ?

04. Now the next thing How Do i do SEO ?

don't worry we will tell you every thing at our institute .

05. Well SEO has also its downside to it as much as it is good for you .

But don't worry we will tell you about every thing about SEO and the key point's you should always keep in your mind before you began …. So that any disaster wont happen.

social media marketing
social media marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) & Optmization (SMO)

01. What is Social Media Marketing or Optimization in short SMM or SMO ?

Social media advertising and marketing is using social media platforms to connect with your target audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive internet site This involves publishing splendid content on your social media profiles, listening to and tasty your followers, analysing your results, and jogging social media advertisements.

02. There are so many platforms available on the internet ?

And sometimes its really confusing which should we opt and best for the brand to began with but don't worry We at digital explode got your back ?

03. We will tell you what platform is best for what brand and why ? To gain the maximum profit.

04. How marketing is done on these platforms ?

05. What are the tools available, how to use them & best techniques to get the best out of which platform ?

06. We also tell you how you can strategically create your own social media advertisement , build or attract targeted audience and maximize your profit within your budget

07. And last but the not the least we don't want any disaster i.e. Why we always tell you the important key points to keep in mind to avoid the miss happening .

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

01. What is Pay Per Click or in short PPC ?

Its also a type of advertisement where marketer i.e. You pays for your ad when it is clicked by the user . These ads are basically shown or placed along with the results of your search . The type of ad which is to be display depends on the kind of information you are looking for . In this case your key word play an important role . Because words are the only thing that you type in the search bar to began the search .

02. What are the types of PPC ads available ?

text ads, display ads, shopping ads

pay per click

03. Why should you use PPC ? Why are the benefits and why it is different and mostly used type of marketing ?

04. Why does it cost much more than other forms of marketing ?

05. Which type of PPC ad is profitable for what kind of business ?

06. And at the last what are the down side of PCC and what you should do or keep in mind in order to avoid that ?

And that's where Digital explode is always there to help you out ..

Before you go ahead here is a small Difference Between

e-commerce vs affiliate marketing

Essentially, as an Affiliate marketer you would be promoting and promoting different peoples merchandise and services. In exchange for doing so, you will earn a predetermined percentage commission for every product you sell. Running an eCommerce enterprise is a chunk different. You would sincerely be selling your very own merchandise and services (or turning into a reseller) and you set the costs to keep whatever income you’re able to obtain. In fact, if making a decision to take the eCommerce route, you may without a doubt recruit affiliate marketers to sell your enterprise for you! Obviously, there are some benefits and disadvantages to every enterprise plan,

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

01. What is Affiliate marketing ?

As i already told you above in difference

Affiliate advertising is the manner of earning a commission by selling different people’s (or company’s) products. You discover a product you like, promote it to others and earn a chunk of the income for every sale that you make.

02. Affiliate Marketing is the only marketing where you can say “Make Money While You Sleep" ! Do you wanna know why ?

Well you have to join our Institute for that ….. Well for the fact it doesn't look that easy as it sounds .

03. What does it required to do the Affiliate Marketing ?

04. How AM is done ? What Marketing Platforms Provides you that ?

E-Commerce Marketing

01. What is E-Commerce Marketing ? 

As i explained you above

In this you are the owner of the brand . Who has or makes the product or service for the audience and the one who wants to sell that in the market . Well only in this marketing you use all the other types of marketing suitable as per the product or service provided . To gain the profit .

02. What are the things you required to do the E-commerce marketing ?

03. What is the best form of marketing for your brand ?

04. What are the down sides and good factors of EM ? You should keep in mind and what to avoid ?

e-commerce marketing

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email marketing

E-mail Marketing

01. What is E-mail Marketing ?

In its maximum fundamental sense, e mail advertising is the use of e-mail to promote merchandise or services.
But a better e mail advertising and marketing definition is the usage of e mail to increase relationships with potential customers or clients.

02. How Email Marketing is done and what you required is again is the knowledge of good and right content ?

Email marketing permits you to goal particular corporations of customers or even particular individuals. Offering man or woman clients special birthday deals on merchandise or offerings is one manner to do this. A restaurant might send an e-mail to clients on their birthdays offering some form of bargain or deal , for instance. This sort of rationalization enables a enterprise step by step develop and hold a dating with a purchaser that can cause increased income and customer loyalty. a

03. Now the question arise is it still Relevant ?

In the age of social media, it's tempting to put in writing off email. But recollect the following statistics:

• 91% of electronic mail users check their email at the least once a day.1
• Email advertising returns an impressive $42 for every $1 spent.2
• 59% of survey respondents say e-mail influences their buy decisions.3
• Email advertising and marketing has a conversion charge of 2.3%, in comparison to 1% for social media.

The big advantage of electronic mail over social media is that potentialities and clients are more likely to look an email than social media. Just posting some thing on social media doesn't mean that everyone you want to peer your message will see it. However, an e-mail will sit down in an inbox until it's read (or deleted).

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Before you go ahead here is a small Difference Between

blogging vs website

  • Content is static.
  • Formal/professional.
  • Interactivity does not exist. There is only one-way communication.
  • Communication about products and/or services.
  • Almost everyone has a website. In fact, it is almost a requirement in business today.
  • Content is regularly updated.
  • Not formal.
  • Informative and educational.
  • Interactivity about industry/customer issues.
  • Some people have a blog.


01. What is a Blog ?

Blogging first began as a way to have an online personal net log, in which someone would journal about their day. From “internet log" came the term “weblog." Like maximum new improvements on the Internet, many marketers saw advertising ability in having a weblog, and blogging took off from there. Not best can a blog be used for advertising, however also, a weblog may be a home commercial enterprise in and of itself.

 02. Why it is so popular ?

Search engines love new content, and as a result, blogging is a remarkable search engine optimization (SEO) tool.
Blogging provides an easy manner to preserve your clients and customers up to date on what's going on, let them understand about new deals, and provide tips. The more a purchaser comes for your blog, the more likely they are to spend money. A blog lets in you to build agree with and rapport together with your prospects. Not most effective can you show off what you know, constructing your expertise and credibility, but also, because people can post remarks and interact with you, they can get to understand you, and hopefully, will accept as true with you enough to buy from you. Blogs can make money. Along with your product or service, blogs can generate profits from other options, such as advertising and marketing and affiliate products.
Blogging is bendy and portable, making it a incredible option for folks who be a way of life entrepreneur.


03. What are the down sides ? And how can you over come all that .!

04. How do you start your own blog ? 

Now here once again content matters the most because a blog is all about that .. Now its not just about the targeted audience or specific audience . Your gain in audience entirely dependent on the content of your blog and how well you have presented that with all the details in it

website designing

Website Designing in WordPress

01. What is a server or a Web Host ?

02. What is a Domain ?

03. How Do you Purchase and setup your server and domain ?

04. Fundamentals of WordPress ?

WordPress is basically atoll or software that allows you to create website without having the knowledge of code. It also very quick and installing and maintaining WordPress is also very easy . Every thing works on the click of your mouse button. And the best thing is there is a wide variety of tools and support also available both paid and free .

05. How to install WordPress?

06. How To buy theme for your WordPress website ?

Theme is basically the type of layout . The look and feel and types of pages and features that you want in your webpage .

07. What are plugins in WordPress and how to use or integrate them in our website ? And how they are useful ?

08. How to design your page in WordPress , edit text, insert images videos etc ..

09. And at last testing, publishing & maintaining your Website ?

Tools Used In Digital Marketing

google trends
google my site
google suit
google shopping insight
google search consoule
google customer insight
google charts
google my business
facebook business manager
facebook advertising
Facebook insights
plagiarism checker
google analytics
google adword
google adsence

Live Project Training

After providing all the knowledge and information On Digital Marketing  its modules , platforms and explaining about the different strategies .Now the next step comes is to apply in the real world marketing models

  1. In this we make our students to work on live projects .
  2. Like designing a website , integrating plugins
  3. How different type of ads are made in real time
  4. how to post or monitor an ad on social media platforms or search engines .
  5. Analyzing the performance of the ad
  6. Monitoring & Regulating the traffic online
  7. Optimization of the ad to give the better results within the budget or less budget
  8. How to write or make content for ad or a blog
  9. How to promote products in affiliate marketing
  10. and much more …..
live project training

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